Candy, Dessert

Southern Pecan Pralines

I have many fond memories of going to Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on River Street and enjoying their amazing pralines.  For years, we’ve wanted to recreate these delicious candies at home, but haven’t got around to it until recently.  Trust me, they’re not hard to make, and are so addicting you’ll definitely want to make a… Read More Southern Pecan Pralines


Minty Ginger Peach Tea

Now that it’s officially summer, make up a batch of minty ginger peach tea for you and your family to enjoy.  It’s so refreshing to drink when the mercury rises on a hot day. What are some health benefits of ginger? helps with nausea.  (pregnancy, sea sickness) improves blood circulation. helps treat cases of indigestion.… Read More Minty Ginger Peach Tea