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Leftover Turkey and Cranberry Mini Pies

Are you looking for a delicious way to use up leftover turkey and cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving or Christmas?  These mini turkey and cranberry pies are perfect for just that.  They’re packed with rich and creamy turkey onion gravy, sliced potatoes, and tangy orange-flavored cranberry sauce.  Golden shortcrust pastry holds everything together to make a… Read More Leftover Turkey and Cranberry Mini Pies


Creamy Turkey Enchiladas

Creamy turkey enchiladas is one Mexican-style dish my girls never get tired of eating.  I’ve been making this for years and they love it!  This recipe is perfect for turkey leftovers, but if you don’t have any, shredded chicken is a good substitute.  Lots of enchilada dishes have a red sauce, but this one has… Read More Creamy Turkey Enchiladas

Main Course, Turkey

Turkey Stroganoff

Turkey stroganoff is a fantastic way to use up leftover turkey.  This recipe is loaded with flavorful ingredients like garlic, onion, mushrooms, thyme and savory, but the secret ingredient is using up your tasty leftover turkey gravy that has been reduced.  Plan ahead and reserve some of your gravy from Thanksgiving to use to make… Read More Turkey Stroganoff

Main Course, Thanksgiving, Turkey

Roasted Turkey

Roasted turkey is a meat that will be forever associated with Thanksgiving in the U.S., but many people in Canada and the United Kingdom also serve it for Christmas Day.  As a child, I can remember Grandma’s roast turkey.  The golden brown skin looked incredible and tasted divine.  I would wait patiently for the slices… Read More Roasted Turkey