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Irish Boxty Bread

Aren’t potatoes one of the most wonderful vegetables?  They can be used in so many recipes; even bread!  You might think that potato bread always has yeast in it, like this overnight version, but that’s not the case.  You can have potato bread on the table in just over an hour with this Irish boxty… Read More Irish Boxty Bread

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Luxurious Chocolate, Cherry, and Marzipan Scones

There’s something delightful about sitting down to a cup of tea with a fresh scone, isn’t there?  These special scones are cram-jammed with chocolate chips, dried cherries, and marzipan, making them a posh addition to an afternoon tea.  Plus, they’re pretty easy to make! You might be wondering why this recipe calls for bread flour,… Read More Luxurious Chocolate, Cherry, and Marzipan Scones